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What is Yoga?

Yoga is Magic. Yoga is Music. Yoga is Mystical. Yoga is Divine. Yoga is Sadhana. Yoga is the means to achieve supreme realization. Yoga is spirituality. Yoga is the enhancement of the individual life span. Yoga is the enhancement of Prana Shakthi (life force). Yoga makes the mind calm, cool, clean and clear. Yoga is the happy blending of physical strength, mental energy and spiritual energy.

How can Yoga help you?

Vasudeva Kriya Yoga at aims achieving the following.
  • Releasing Stress
  • Improving Body Awareness
  • Improving Flexibility and Muscle tone
  • Removing Toxins from the Body
  • Relaxing the Mind
  • Enhancing Concentration

Latest Articles

Badda Padmasana

Badda - locked.  Padmasana -Lotus posture. Benefits:  This asana helps in strengthening the hands, strengthening and straightening the spine, opening up the chest muscles
Badda Padmasana

2nd International Day of Yoga – A Report

19th June 2016 - Spingers Leisure Centre Following the tremendous success at the 1st International Day of Yoga celebrations last year,
2nd International Day of Yoga – A Report

What Breathing taught me about Life?

By Sanjiv Kulkarni As we were doing our routine breathing exercises during our yoga class today I had an epiphany about life.
What Breathing taught me about Life?

SBS Radio Interview – Yoga has physical as well as spiritual benefits

Listen to Sri Rajendra Yenkannamoole talk about upcoming International Day of Yoga Event in SBS Punjabi program. Interviewed by Manpreet
SBS Radio Interview – Yoga has physical as well as spiritual benefits

New Vasudeva Kriya Yoga Centre starting in Glen Waverly on April 16th 2016

New Vasudeva Kriya Yoga Centre starting in Glen Waverly on April 16th 2016

So Ham Pranayama

So Ham Pranayama

Patanjali Yoga Sutra

It is believed that Patanjali was an incarnation of Adi Sesha. The story unfolds as Lord Vishnu reclining on Adi
Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Deepawali – Celebration of Ultimate Light

Deepawali Greetings!   Deepawali means chain of light.  For a saadhak ( practitioner of higher knowledge) this is not merely external light. Deepawali is
Deepawali  – Celebration of Ultimate Light

Book on Vasudeva Kriya Yoga




An unique book on Yoga covering not only Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas, Hata Yoga Kriyas but also revealing the Spiritual dimension of Yoga. This book will be useful for the yoga practitioners, yoga enthusiasts and yoga teachers. For the ease of practice, the book as been classified in to various levels and are given in the pictorial form at the end. The book was published by Prism Book House in India and is available on line at:



Yoga helped me overcome sleeplessness

Over a long period of time I suffered from Sleeping difficulties and sleeping problems. After contacting with you on last October I decided to attend your yoga class in Mulgrave yoga centre. After following your class over last couple of months, now I’m experiencing considerable improvement of my sleeping difficulties.
Roshan Hewavitharana

My Transformation through Yoga

Yoga means Transformation. Transformation means change. When I attempt to change I realise that change is the changeless law of nature. Changes are always taking place all levels natural level , physical level, level of weather. The difference is Any change that is intelligent and deliberate is transformation. Certain changes like growing old, no special effort is needed. It happens on its own but to grow old gracefully, I need great deal of thinking and acting, for me yoga helped lot to towards my transformation.


Towards healthy and disciplined life

During my childhood I always saw my father Late Shri Pyarelal Chauhan doing his daily routine of yoga exercises and meditation every morning between 4 and 6 am. I used to join him during my holidays times and saw it as a normal thing one should do always to lead a disciplined life to attain the desired peace of mind and balanced life. In 2006 I met Shri Rajendra and it revived all my childhood memories and I joined him in the process of leading a healthy and disciplined life. Vasudeva Kriya yoga has provided me a platform where I can serve the community by spreading the importance of healthy life with high thinking in knowing our goals and attains them. Pranayama controls the mind and proves the vitality and ultimately happiness and calmness. Long Live Vasudeva Kriya Yoga.

Alok Chauhan

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Badda Padmasana Posted 27 November 2016

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